Our Congregational Leaders

Elected by the congregation and moderated by the Pastor, the Board of Elders (also known as the Session) oversees all areas of the life of the church, including Worship, educational programs, fellowship, finances, and outreach programs. Individuals on the Session assume responsibilities for different aspects of the church programming, drawing upon the resources of the congregation at large through various committees. The current members of the Session are:
  • Mary Begley, Clerk of Session
  • Doralene Webb
  • Tom Fish
  • Karen Nies
  • Janet Martin
  • Chuck Williams

Also elected by the congregation, the Board of Trustees serve as the fiscal officers of the church corporation. Trustees collaborate with the Session to manage the church’s property and finances. The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

  • Ned Webb
  • Harold Davis
Rounding out the congregational Leadership of Corbin Presbyterian is the Treasurer, David Hoskins.